Church Of The Risen Messiah


2980 Jog Rd.

Greenacres, Fl 33463

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About us

our Mission: Go into all the world demonstrating the power and authority of god's agape love and grace.
our Vision: spread apostolic and prophetic ministry to prepare the bride of christ.
About Us
THE CHURCH OF THE RISEN MESSIAH is a ministry dedicated to helping the Body of Christ fulfill our God-given destiny. Our leadership and administrative foundation is strong and solid.

THE MINISTRIES within the church complement, facilitate and enhance the mission of the church. We co-labor with other ministries to assist them in fulfilling their mission for building God's kingdom. Our parishioners delight in the Church of the Risen Messiah because we have a family atmosphere with enthusiastic and motivated fellowship.

OUR CONGREGATION is comprised of believers who represent various cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
We are committed, dedicated, stable, excited and prosperous believers who tithe and give offerings according to Godly principles. We encourage and foster entrepreneurial endeavors among our parishioners.

WE HAVE satellite churches throughout the world. We provide financial and ministerial support to missionaries domestically and internationally. We feed, clothe, and rehabilitate those in need as laid out through the Word of God
our Leaders:
Gary Dolphus Sr.
Patricia Dolphus

Co-Lead Pastor